TSMC’s 3nm process, chip mass production is expected to save one-third of electricity

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) announced yesterday that the 3nm process technology chips will be mass-produced. The first batch of chips will be delivered to Apple, the largest customer, and are expected to be used in the new generation of Mac, MacBook, and next-generation iPhone. The 3nm process chips will be produced in the factory in Taiwan. At the ceremony held yesterday, Liu Deyin, chairman of TSMC, revealed that the market demand for the 3nm process is quite strong.

TSMC's 3nm process

It is reported that Apple will start using 3nm process processors on new products next year. It is expected that the A17 Bionic processor used in the iPhone 15 Pro series released in the third quarter of next year will also use this process technology. TSMC said that the performance of the 3nm process processor will be better than the current 5nm process, and the energy efficiency will be increased by 35%. In other words, it will save more than one-third of the electricity while improving performance.

Although TSMC stated that it will take root in Taiwan and develop 3nm process technology locally also emphasized that Taiwan will play an important role in the technology industry in the next ten years. Many foreign media have mentioned that starting in 2026, TSMC will have a factory in Arizona, USA, Chips are produced with 3nm process technology, and the plant will be the first to produce 4nm process chips after it opens in 2024.

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