The Samsung Exynos 2400 is said to be equipped with a 10-core CPU

Since the Exynos 2200 manufactured by Samsung Semiconductor did not perform as expected, Samsung directly collaborated with Qualcomm to provide the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for the Galaxy S23 series but did not give up on the road of self-developed processors. According to the well-known whistleblower Ice Universe, the Samsung Exynos 2400 will use the next-generation Arm public version of the Cortex CPU architecture combination and stack up to 10 cores in one breath.

Exynos 2400

Ice Universe claims that the news is quite credible. Exynos 2400 will use 4 sets of different core and clock combinations based on the new generation of DynamIQ LITTLE. A set of 3 Core low-clock Cortex-A720, and a set of 4-core Cortex-A520. However, the timing of the Exynos 2400 debut has not yet been revealed. The code name from the Cortex architecture may be that Arm will be released in 2023 and mass-produced after 2024 new platform.

The author is quite skeptical about whether accumulating 10 cores means that the performance will be greatly improved, because Apple has used 6 cores to beat the Android flagship processor with 8 cores in the same period for several generations. The key lies in the efficiency of the architecture.

As with the energy allocation problem just like the current PC processor, it is often easier to overclock the processor with fewer cores in the same generation. If two Cortex-A720s are added to the existing 8-core architecture, it is feared that this may also increase the complexity of the design, however, looking back at Samsung’s history, don’t forget that Samsung is the first chip manufacturer to import semi-finished 4+4 cores before Arm announced the big.LITTLE technology.

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