The Galaxy S23 Ultra passes the durability test, and disassembling shows that repairs are easier

Although the Galaxy S23 series will not be officially launched until February 17, some foreign media and YouTubers have already taken the lead in obtaining the phones and conducting unboxing or evaluation. As Samsung’s flagship model of the year, the performance of the Galaxy S23 Ultra is beyond doubt, and through system updates in the future, the functions will be added and improved one after another. At present, what consumers should pay the most attention to may be the quality of expertise of mobile phones.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra passes the durability test

Fortunately, a foreign YouTuber has conducted a durability test for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. JerryRigEverything, a professional channel in this area, uploaded a video yesterday, continuing to use his usual fire, knife scraping, and brute force to try to destroy the Galaxy S23 Ultra in his hand. If you can’t spend 7 minutes watching the test, in general, this flagship has passed all the scratch resistance tests, and the screen is still intact after being burned for nearly 1 minute, and the brute force of the film owner Zack will not work on the phone.

Another YouTube channel, PBKreviews, also did a similar test, even dropping the Galaxy S23 Ultra on the concrete at the waist. Although the glass cracked, it can still be used normally. In addition to the durability test, the channel also took a teardown video. You can see the internal layout of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, and the maintenance procedures, such as replacing the battery and parts are relatively simple. The channel even gave a high score of 9 points in the repairability score.

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