Samsung is rumored to terminate the A7x series

In addition to the cheaper Galaxy A23 or A53, Samsung has also launched mid-to-high-end Galaxy A72 and A73 models over the years, attracting many consumers who have requirements for specifications and configurations and are unwilling to buy flagship phones. The Galaxy A74 is nowhere to be seen. It’s a pity that the Galaxy A74 will not be launched next year, because according to a report from the website GalaxyClub, Samsung plans to terminate the Galaxy A7x series.

Samsung is rumored to terminate the A7x series

GalaxyClub refers to the Galaxy A14 and Galaxy A54, which will be launched next year, have appeared on the certification website one after another, but there is no trace of the Galaxy A74, and there has been no news about the relevant mobile phone firmware. This unusual behavior reflects the possibility of the Galaxy A74. has been canceled. Both the Galaxy A72 and A73 were released in March, and there is no news about new phones yet, except because they have been canceled, another possibility is that Samsung decided to postpone the launch.

Embarrassed positioning or surgery the last two generations of the Galaxy A72 and Galaxy A73 are between mid-range and flagship phones with high-end specifications. The positioning of the Galaxy A7x series took away some consumers who originally considered Samsung’s flagship phones, and at the same time failed to attract consumers who intend to buy lower-priced flagship phones, especially Chinese brand flagship phones. This may be the reason for Samsung’s attack on it.

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