Rumors suggest potential production obstacles for TSMC’s 3nm chips

According to online rumors, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is facing obstacles in the production of 3nm chips, which could lead to a decline in the yield rate of A17 Bionic. The latest leak suggests that Apple may need to adjust its performance targets for the A17 Bionic processor.

Revegnus, the source of the leak, pointed out that the production capacity of TSMC’s 3nm chips has decreased, and if the problem is not resolved immediately, the supply of A17 Bionic will inevitably be affected. This conflicts with previous reports that TSMC’s production yield has reached 80%, surpassing its competitor Samsung.

Rumors suggest potential production obstacles for TSMC's 3nm chips

Although Revegnus did not provide a detailed explanation, some media speculate that the A17 Bionic processor has not met Apple’s target for power consumption and heat management, so Apple needs to adjust its performance targets to achieve a balance.

If the leak is true, not only will A17 Bionic be affected, but the performance of M3 processors, which also use TSMC’s 3nm process technology, may also be affected. Although TSMC has not publicly disclosed the performance improvement of processors using the 3nm process technology, it has revealed that the technology can save up to 35% of power at the same speed.

As the iPhone 15 Pro has yet to be announced, rumors about the A17 Bionic processor are likely to continue until the official launch.

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