Patent design approved in the US, the launch of the foldable iPhone is one step closer

Since Samsung released the first Galaxy Fold series folding device, the outside world has been looking forward to when Apple will follow up and launch an iPhone product with a folding screen. Now it may be a small step before the launch of the iPhone folding machine because foreign media discovered that the US Patent and Trademark Office has recently granted Apple a patent for the screen and touch sensor of a foldable electronic device.

the launch of the foldable iPhone is one step

According to the patent description submitted by Apple, the user can perform multi-touch on the foldable device, and not limited to the screen, to operate the camera, earphone volume, etc., and the device also has input and output interfaces for connecting game handles, scroll wheels, touch Control board, microphone peak, keyboard, and other accessories.

Although all of the above are related to folding devices, it does not mean that a folding iPhone will be available in the short term. Famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo once predicted that the folding iPhone will not be launched until 2025 at the earliest, while another analyst David Vogt is sure that the folding machine will not appear within this year.

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