Leaked CAD images reveal design changes for iPhone 15 Pro, including a larger camera module and titanium body

According to the website 9to5mac, multiple computer-aided designs (CAD) images claiming to be of the iPhone 15 Pro were uploaded yesterday. The design shows that the new flagship iPhone will come in white and black, with rumored options for gold and a red colorway. The design is said to be slightly more rounded than the iPhone 14 Pro and will have a titanium metal body.

Leaked CAD images reveal design changes for iPhone 15 Pro

One of the significant changes is the camera module on the back, which is larger and thicker than its predecessor. The change is reportedly due to the iPhone 15 Pro’s new light sensor technology, which can capture more light and reduce over or underexposure in certain settings.

The design also shows that the iPhone 15 Pro will use a USB-C port, and the physical volume and mute buttons will be replaced with haptic feedback simulated press buttons. The phone’s screen border will be 1.55mm, with a slight curve at the edge, similar to the seamless connection of the titanium metal mid-frame and the back of the phone.

The narrower screen border will make the overall size of the phone slightly smaller than the iPhone 14 Pro, with dimensions of 146.47 x 70.46 x 8.24mm, compared to the previous model’s dimensions of 147.46 x 71.45 x 7.84mm.


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