HMD, the Nokia phone maker, will start production in Europe

HMD held the MWC conference ahead of other manufacturers and announced three entry-level new phones Nokia C22, C32, and G22, and a small number of accessories. Although the manufacturer uses the Virtual RAM function as a selling point for the three new phones, the moderator believes that the two key points are more worth sharing with netizens, one of which is related to the future production area of Nokia mobile phones.

We know that Nokia is a Finnish brand, but thereafter HMD obtained the production and sales rights of Nokia mobile phones from Microsoft, the outside world began to classify Nokia as a domestic mobile phone. At the just-held MWC conference, HMD mentioned when talking about its outlook for 2023 that it plans to gradually return new devices to European production. The moderator received the news that Nokia will follow the big trend and move out of China, which should be good news for consumers who pay attention to bloodlines and origins.

In addition, HMD also followed Apple and Samsung to provide users with self-repair options. Consumers in the European and American markets are increasingly demanding DIY repairs. HMD also responded to their demands by announcing that the repair platform iFixit has become its partner. Users can use iFixit to Buy parts and tools for repairing mobile phones, such as batteries and screens, and then follow the simple maintenance instructions provided by the website to repair your mobile phone step by step.

It means that the internal structure and design of Nokia’s future mobile phones will be easier to repair, and the just-released Nokia G22 will be the first mobile phone to support iFixit’s easy repair.

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