Google Pixel Fold foldable model leaks, ultra-thin design challenges Galaxy Z Fold

Google’s ability to keep secrets is one of the most flawed in the smartphone industry. Almost all mobile phones launched in recent years have been fully exposed before they are released. It has been rumored that Google will launch a folding machine similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold. A few days ago, YouTuber Dave2D took the lead in obtaining a model of the Pixel Fold folding machine and shooting a Hands-on video to share.

Google Pixel Fold Leak

According to Dave2D, the size of the Pixel Fold model in his hand is the same as that of the real machine, allowing accessory manufacturers to develop products. Although it is only a plastic model, it can be seen that Pixel Fold looks like a hybrid of Pixel 7 and OPPO Find N2. The back camera module is identical to the Pixel 7, and the size ratio is similar to the shorter Find N2. There is no reference to the long body design of the Galaxy Z Fold. This size and ratio are more convenient for one-handed operation when folded, and it is relatively small and portable.

Dave2D refers to the Pixel Fold’s external screen as 5.79 inches with a resolution of 1,080 x 2,100, while the foldable screen inside is 7.67 inches with a resolution of 2,208 x 1,840. The most surprising thing may be the thickness of the Pixel Fold. The thickness of the device is only about 5.7mm when it is unfolded, and it is only about 8.7mm including the protruding camera.

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