Google may be getting ready to release a pro version of the Chromecast

According to the news, Google is preparing a new version of Chromecast with Google TV, and it is estimated that it may be a more powerful Pro version. The Chromecast with Google TV currently on sale has two versions, 4K and HD, and the product codes are YTV and YTB respectively.

pro version of the Chromecast

The staff of the website 9to5Google recently discovered a Chromecast with a Google TV device code-named YTC in the code of the Public Preview version of the Google Home program. Since the code does not reveal too much information, based on the fact that Google has already launched two versions, the standard (4K) and the low-end (HD), foreign media believe that Google has a higher chance of launching the Pro version.

It is estimated that the Pro version of Chromecast with Google TV may have more storage space and even more interfaces to improve the most criticized shortcomings of the current version. Due to the limited storage space of the device, program updates become quite troublesome.

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