Bing integrates the ChatGPT function, Microsoft’s heavy update challenges Google’s status

Shortly after injecting $1 billion into OpenAI, Microsoft announced the integration of ChatGPT into the new version of the Bing search engine and Edge browser. Users can obtain search results and answers by asking questions. Data beyond 2021 is available, but the new version of Bing includes the latest news.

The new version of the Bing search engine provides two presentation methods of ChatGPT. The first “Search” is on the right side of the traditional search results, displaying content annotations provided by artificial intelligence, and the second “Chat” allows users to directly chat with Bing. When people ask questions, the results obtained will be displayed in a comprehensive article, and users can continue to make follow-up questions.

Bing integrates the ChatGPT function

Microsoft demonstrated at the press conference that it asked the Bing chatbot to determine a 5-day travel itinerary in Mexico City. As a result, the artificial intelligence compiled an itinerary and provided a batch of related website links as reference materials. In addition to improving the interface design, Microsoft also added two artificial intelligence-related functions to the Edge browser, adding “Chat” and “Compose” options to the sidebar. Users can use the Chat function to ask the artificial intelligence to find the key points of the webpage or file they are browsing, and even compare it with other content. The Chat function can also rewrite the code copied from the webpage in another programming language for the user.

Compose uses artificial intelligence to assist users in writing articles, such as drafting emails or social platform posts. The new version of the Bing search engine will be available to desktop users in the form of a Limited Preview. Users only need to log in to to register for a trial. The new version of the Edge browser will be gradually provided to users in the form of a Waiting List at this stage, and the number of trial users of the preview version will increase to millions in the next few weeks.

Microsoft said there would be a mobile version, but didn’t mention an actual launch date. Microsoft said that the upgraded version of GPT 3.5 is currently open to netizens, and their further enhanced Prometheus (Prometheus) model can respond to user searches and queries with the latest information in a safe environment. Microsoft also pointed out that Open AI’s technology has become the basis of Azure, and they are also working hard to make Azure a global artificial intelligence supercomputer.

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